About the association

Latvian Insurers Association (LIA) is a society founded on 12 August 1993, which represents the common interests of the insurers in order to advance the development of the insurance industry of Latvia. LIA unites 14 insurance companies and branches of foreign insurers (10 non-life and 4 life), which represent approx. 96% of the total Latvian insurance market.

LIA is a member of Insurance Europe (European insurance federation).


The Assembly is the supreme decision-making body. The Assembly consists of all members of the Association.


The Council is the administrative body of the Association, which decides on issues within its competence. The Council consists of authorized representatives of all members of the Association.

Standing committees

There are following active standing committees under the Latvian Insurers Association:

  • Legal Committee
  • Health Insurance Committee
  • Security Committee
  • Communication Committee